NETWORKS is a national research project in which mathematics and computer science join forces to analyse the structure and the performance of real-world networks. The public day on June 8, 2017, will start with a brief presentation of the scope and goal of NETWORKS. This will be followed by a panel discussion, focusing on the question


"What is the role of complex networks in our modern society?"


Panel members are political and strategic leaders of Dutch science: Jet Bussemaker (Minister of Education, Culture and Science), Frank van der Duyn Schouten (Chair of the National Mathematics Council),  Stan Gielen (Chair of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research), Louise Gunning (Chair of the National Science Agenda), Wim van Saarloos (vice-president of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences), and Ionica Smeets (Professor of Science Communication)


After the panel discussion there will be presentations by the winning (teams of) high-school students of the Networks Challenge. They will each prepare a short movie about how they view networks in an everyday setting. 


In the afternoon, there will be public lectures by four international experts in networks theory, each highlighting a particular aspect of network research and its impact on society.


Everybody interested in networks is welcome and invited. During the day there will be plenty of opportunity to meet and discuss with people interested in networks.

I will attend!




Congress centre Science Park

Science Park 125

1098 XG Amsterdam